0 h 00 min
Comment répondre aux attentes des réalisateurs, des producteurs, des chaînes de télévision ? Comment se présenter à un réalisateur devant une caméra ? Comment préparer et réussir son casting ? Comment apprivoiser une caméra pour[...]
9 h 30 min
Élever un enfant… Élever un enfant, c’est l’amener à s’éveiller, à développer son point de vue, à grandir en confiance. En développant les compétences physiques, techniques et sensorielles de l’individu, la pratique des arts du[...]
10 h 00 min
“PARLEMU CORSU”   In u scopu di a Casa Balanina di a Lingua : Attellu di pratica linguistica animatu da Santu Massiani affiancatu da locutori di u Ghjunsani è d’altrò. Dans le cadre de la[...]
A Stazzona - l'Aria
0 h 00 min
Donner à nos ressentis un corps dansant. Pour cela je vous propose une danse d’exploration etc…. Patricia Nagera vous propose une danse d’exploration et de créativité portée par nos impulsions, une redécouverte de notre architecture[...]

International Theatre Meetings in Corsica

They are the highlight of summer since 20 years. For four weeks, nearly a hundred interns, actors or technicians, are working to develop a dozen shows, mixing contemporary and classical works. Supervised by experienced trainers, directors, artists, technicians, this course of realization is a unique experiment, rich of exchange and know-how, a great collective adventure. The results of this training are presented to the public in August in the villages of Giussani.

In these meetings the public is more than ever central to our common reflections: a public practitioner, a public “spectator”. We hope this public to be really involved in the development of the art of acting, of the directing, of the production, of the theater making in general.

Artistic workshops will be held throughout the summer to promote the practice of sensitive, to make room for imagination, to express oneself within a collective. This alternative to cultural consumption is in the spirit of popular education. Before each performance the artists will share discovery workshops with the public, between stage work, reading aloud, improvisation, circus … Some workshops are for adults, others are for families to encourage practice between parents and children.

Reclaiming the vocal arts to enhance the ability of everyone to say “I”, to speak its own language, resist the increasing standardization of our societies and not to abandon the creative part of each to the promoters of a culture mass, this is our commitment.

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