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L’Aria is a Popular Education organisation possessing a mission of education and training through theatrical creation.

The 25 euros you pay to L’Aria in becoming a member is not only an access to the Encounters shows, it contributes to the functioning of L’Aria throughout the year.

In this way we are able to organise:

Courses in the autumn, winter and spring

writing workshops that result in the creation of text for theatre, film, radio.
Initial training courses in Dramatic Art that have as a goal to introduce or improve the participants in approaching all the techniques used for the actor’s training.
Continued training courses in live performing arts (artists and technicians)

Summer courses

Directing course that takes place over 34 days and that leads to performances given during the International Encounters of Theatre in Corsica.
Directing course of lighter theatrical formats over 15 days.

Your support also contributes to :

  • Funding actions in the school environment that give birth to active partnerships between the school and theatre professionals.
  • Welcome artistic expression field trips coming from Corsica and the mainland.
  • Pay instructors and professional actors who perform for L’Aria.
  • Pay five permanent employees.

L’Aria is a non-profit organisation, it is open to everyone (professional and amateur actors, technicians, costume designers, teachers, students, foreigners).  It is not an enterprise for the diffusion of live performing arts but a training center.  The plays that you attend during the summer Encounters are the result of the work of the trainees in residence in the Giunssani.

In becoming a member of L’Aria, you actively participate in the reinvigoration of the region, and you take part in a collective adventure that is constructed over the long haul and that has not finished growing.

Thank you for becoming a member.


Bulletin d’adhésion

By returning right now the individual suscribe form, with a minimum payment of 25 euros perr person, you gain promotionnal pricing on all L’Aria’s representations, and you’ll receive your member card wich give you free access to all representations from the 19th International Theatre Encounters in Corsica on august 2016.

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The association L’Aria is on the HelloAsso plateform. Un simple way to apply, renew your membership or make a gift to help the association.