Avr 15 – Avr 20 Jour entier
0 h 00 min
Ce stage s’adresse à tous, débutants, faux débutants, vrais curieux et passionnés. Nous travaillerons de façon méthodique «l’instrument» du comédien, le corps, le souffle et la voix. Nous aiguiserons notre perception et notre maîtrise de[...]
Avr 22 – Avr 27 Jour entier
0 h 00 min
Le stage Lire et jouer a comme objectif de définir les enjeux dramaturgiques d’un texte, le style qu’il peut imposer (comédie, drame, tragédie, farce, conte, poème, canevas d’improvisation …) ainsi que de chercher un équilibre[...]
Avr 29 – Mai 4 Jour entier
0 h 00 min
Le stage « écrire pour la scène » a comme objectif d’étudier, de rechercher, et d’éprouver ce qui peut faire qu’une écriture soit théâtrale. La place de l’auteur de théâtre a varié selon les époques[...]
0 h 00 min
Lors de ces quelques jours de stages ouverts à un public très large, aussi bien acteurs professionnels qu’acteurs amateurs, nous nous amuserons à explorer la figure du Bouffon à travers deux comédies de Shakespeare : La[...]

2èmes Rencontres Internationales des Ecoles d’Art

Program of International Workshop in Corsica
2nd until 12th of July 2018

“The project brings together students from different theatre schools, from different countries, during a 11-days-workshop with different professors, different methods, trainings and performances. The aim is to connect different forms of theatre and different languages around work, to propose to the students to meet other students, to exchange, to confront with a different audience in a complete immersion in the middle of the National Natural Park of Corsica, in a magnificent region of France, unique by its natural and cultural diversity, and in the wonderful modern studio of “L’Aria”.


The professors :
Serge Nicolaï (Artistic & Pedagogical Director of ARIA)
Elisabeth Dahl (Acting Departement at Westerdals)

Program from 2nd (arrival on the 1st) until 12th of July 2018 (departure on 13th)

This year we’ll share the workshop with 10 students of the CNSAD from Paris, directed by Nathalie BÉCUE, professor at CNSAD. Nathalie will work on the Shakespeare’s play: “Romeo and Juliet”.
Elisabeth Dahl, teacher from the Westerdals school, will work on a Shakespeare too: “The Winter’s Tale”.

The project is to mix and share the two groups and work together, Nathalie, Elisabeth and I with all the students. I’ll propose a work with Masks and Puppets every day, around the two plays, to give the possibility for each student to develop another vision of the play and the characters. It’s a good way to approach a role. Everybody will play in different place on stage, narrator (voice), manipulator, and mask.
The students will aboard their role in English and in their own language. Each nationality will be represented on stage. We’ll work on the construction of a kind of medley of scenes from the two plays. There will be a public presentation of the common work. The duration of the performance will be around 1:30.

Every day the workshop will be divided in two parts
From 9:30am until 12:30pm

«Physical training and mask» with Serge Nicolaï:

“Practicing theatre can be done in different ways. There are many ways to train actors. The important thing for us, which is making theatre on stage, is always to remain to be active in development. If a top athlete stops practicing his speciality, he regresses, it is the same case for us actors, we are athletes, athletes of the feeling. One challenge for actors is that we work on the intangible, on the emotion, sentiment. Nothing less concrete !

I propose to address part of the "method" of work that we practice at the Théâtre du Soleil.
The theatre is made by laws. Listen (everything comes from the other), before receiving anything, never making.
Provide a full soul to his character, not having prejudices on him. Do not compose, but unfold every passion, look for the small to find the big.

Listen the news coming from within understanding that there is no movement without stop, go from immobility to another. There is no music without silence, no peace without strength. Listen. Everything is true, everything happens at once, not later, either before playing to this, only one thing at the same time, learning to abandon the versatility of states. See what is happening in itself, of course, but also be seen in the history, never let the imagination contain herself.

All this goes through by a self-forgetfulness, make the effort to find within itself the fertile empty. Going in search of concrete, truth and sincerity.
I suggest to refine your craft tools of theatre: the body, the imagination, the listening, the state, the versatility; and doing this by practicing with improvisations, without words, in music, on a bare stage, dare to face the nothing.”

From 2:30pm until 6:30pm
«Shakespeare workshop» with Elisabeth Dahl around the Shakespeare’s play «The Winter’s Tale”.

“With William Shakespeare´s play «The Winter´s Tale» as a common starting point, we will explore the themes of love, lust and envy. We will focus on the relationship between Hermione and Leontes, looking at the darker side of human psychology. As for «Romeo and Juliet», their love was hard won. But unlike those «star-crossed lovers», Hermione and Leontes live to see the petty pace of every-day life, and the challenges that come with it…

We will go deeply into the structure of the text in it´s original language, discovering the direction Shakespeare has given the actor through the way he uses the verse, his suggestions for «how» to play the lines. Through explorative work on the floor and improvisation, we will look at the «why», and the embodiment of language and character.

The participants may also be asked to work in their own language, and must bring along a translation of the play. The main focus of the workshop will be working on the floor as an ensemble, using games and exercises to explore the space, the characters, relationships, and finding different ways to approach the story.

Central to my work is presence and playfulness, and exploring the character´s objectives and obstacles in a very physical and visceral manner. It is my belief that you cannot work with great text without working on breath and voice. We will do that as part of our exploration of the text.

The Winter´s Tale is a frosty story told in the summer, and we will utilize the beautiful warm Corsican landscape in our work with presence and exploration of human nature.”


During the workshop we’ll try to offer some extra program to the students to meet the Corsican’s culture which could be :
- afternoon out of natural heritage with Santu Massiani (prehistoric place). Walk for 3 hours with a snack break. Departure of the Battaglia pass, arrival at Olmi-Cappella.
- invitation to participate in the religious service for the sacred songs.
- day of discovery of the churches and organs around (Vallica, Olmi-Cappella, Pioggiola, Speloncato). Picnic lunch.
- Battaglini building, evening of profane Corsican songs with singers that Santu will raise.

The price for one person for the whole stay will be 540 euros including, workshop, shuttle from Bastia airport or port to our place, accommodation and meals 'breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Download the registration form of the 2nd International Meeting of Theater Schools In Corsica

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